Key points of success: partner’s choice, respect, trust, management, win-win contract

A partnership or cooperation success lies on:

  • the understanding of a common interest, shared and balanced (« win-win ») by the executive management of the two companies involved,
  • a good appropriation of this common interest and its stakes by the operational management teams (pro-active attitude)
  • a mutual respect, a relationship in good trust and a fluid governance between the two companies and their representatives
  • a compliance with the mutual commitments and an attentiveness to their right pursuance
  • the achievement of the commonly defined targets

This success, which can be appreciated all along the implementation of the common project, is above all dependent on a good anticipation of :

  • the partner’s choice and the understanding of its motivations
  • a good initial negotiation of the partnership
  • the signature of a contract which must be as accurate and comprehensive as possible.