Partnership stakes : a lever of development and value increase, involving a minimum of assets

An industrial partnership or a project in cooperation allows to build together what a single company doesn’t want to do or cannot do alone. It is a way to optimize and accelerate value creation with a minimum of fixed assets. It is also a way to mitigate risks thanks to the cross-combination of experiences. The counterpart is in general a share of governance, property and results.

Examples of friendly situations:


Partnership in research and development between two R&D centers with complementary skills in order to master a technology or a know-how generating added value (shared operation of the co-created intellectual property)


Technological cooperation between two companies mastering complementary technologies or know-how, with a possible agreement on transfer or use right of intellectual property, in order to develop and manufacture an innovative product


Product cooperation between two competitors to develop and manufacture a common new product, reaching together the critical size for optimizing profitability (addition of market shares, share of R&D and industrial investment costs…)


International partnership with a company of a targeted country to locally manufacture and sell an existing or lightly adapted product, while benefiting of its local experience, in order to be faster on the market and mitigate risks (consideration of local specificities, local integration, financing…)