Our services: customized advice in order to build a solid partnership

A customized intervention defined with the client, from a limited advice on an already well defined project, up to a full support on the whole setting-up of a partnership project.
Our intervention is based on our partnerships expertise.

The expected outcome is:

  • To put our client in a position to make the best choices regarding the partner’s selection, the partnership’s terms and the negotiation positions to obtain them,
  • Then to finalize a solid contract over time, in such a way that it preserves both partners’ strategic interests in the mid and long term,
  • While optimizing our client’s interests.

Our intervention methodology is based on an interactive relationship with the different company’s expertises, the consulting office acting with coordination, analysis and synthesis.


Business Industries: Manufacturing industry in automobile transportations mechanics and energy

I-Coopt Consulting operates in the manufacturing industry, mainly the automotive industry, aeronautics, railway, means of transportation, machines and mechanical equipments in general, and also in energy industries.

Our clients : OEMs and Suppliers, Consulting Firms in business strategy

Our clients are industrial companies (Mid-size and Major enterprises) contemplating a business development project of partnership. OEMs and suppliers 1st tier and 2nd tier.

We also operate for other consulting offices in strategy, as a cooperation and industrial partnership expert, in the execution of their own consulting missions.